The SYMPHONIC PLAY is a thrilling trio of a symphony orchestra, an interactive and scripted conductor, and a cast of professional actors who are fully-rehearsed, staged, and costumed on a "set" with suggestive, minimal and elegant set pieces and props. The dramatic action, story and characters are integral to and woven into the music and simultaneously interact with the Conductor and Orchestra.
"We share a vision of giving people deeper access to these great artists by personalizing the real-life stories behind the music. These innovative programs offer audiences multi-dimensional access to the creators of classical music." - Marin Alsop

"My work as a playwright and stage director in this exciting new field is borne out of a friendship and dynamic collaboration with Conductor and Music Director Marin Alsop." - Didi Balle
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Weaving excerpts of Gustav Mahler's symphonies with live theatre, psychoanalysis and visual art "Analyze This: Mahler and Freud" explores the shadow side of Mahler's life and music. Love & Loss. Composing & Conducting. Death, Demons & Dreams. Based on a real-life 1910 session between Vienna's two most creative minds. Mahler and his music come to life in this powerful new Symphonic Play.

"Persuasive and engaging!" - The Baltimore Sun

"CSI: Mozart" investigates the 223-year-old mystery surrounding the death of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart at the age of 35. The 85-minute classical music theatre program, artfully blends excerpts from Mozart's symphonies, operas, and concerti with live theatre, musical insight and medical analysis evaluating theories as to possible causes of death:
  • Acute Military Fever?
  • Excessive Bloodletting?
  • Poison?
  • Schonlein-Henoch Syndrome?
  • Bacterial Endocarditis?
  • Rheumatic Fever?
  • Kidney Failure?
  • Or something else?
"...cleverly employs the police procedural format to help audiences hear Mozart with fresh ears..."
   - Washington Post
"CSI: Beethoven" artfully blends excerpts from Beethoven's nine symphonies with live theatre, forensic science, medical inquiry, and visual images! Perfect for Weekly Subscription Concerts!
Music. Mystery. Medicine.

Was Beethoven's deafness caused by childhood trauma? Otosclerosis? Typhus? Paget's Disease? Or something else?

What factors contributed to his death? Kidney Disease? Syphilis? Cirrhosis? Or was his death the result of lead poisoning at the hands of his own doctors?
"Sound diagnosis for the CSI: Beethoven innovative program mixes music and medicine and theatre."
   - The Baltimore Sun

"Entertaining and Informative ... the future of classical music!" - Denver Post
A real-life story of operatic proportions! The backstage story behind the making of Wagner's The Ring Cycle, and the founding of Bayreuth.

Commoner (Wagner) and Royal Patron (Ludwig) are dangerously alike: Uncompromising visionaries and megalomaniacs in a battle for the same musical prize.

The Symphonic Play seamlessly blends orchestral excerpts of The Ring with live theater and multi-media.
Music, Megalomania & More Money Than God.
We follow the quest of 11-year-old Bartlebee Bottonomous, a lowly clerk whose desire to be more than a bottle-washer in Newton's laboratory arrives in the form of a riddle, which he must solve by learning the fundamentals of alchemy: an ancient tradition that believed the universe was made from five essential elements of Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and celestial Space.

Can an orphan who taught himself to read and write outwit the world's greatest scientist? You bet. How? By using MUSIC to solve Newton's riddle about the Five Elements! FIRE (de Falla). AIR (Beethoven) WATER (Smetena). EARTH (Dvorák). SPACE (Theofanidis).
Family Concert (1:00) and School Concerts (45:00).
Seventy-five years ago, under extreme political pressure, Shostakovich withdrew his Fourth Symphony and got to work on writing his now- legendary Fifth Symphony. The result was an appealing and triumphant score full of contradictions and hidden messages.

Is it a tribute to the greatness of the Soviet virtues or a parody of its leadership? How could an artist create a work of such power and optimism under such harsh and restrictive conditions?

The enigma of Shostakovich's message will unfold before your eyes in this dramatic presentation of the composer's life and world. Excerpts & Complete 5th Symphony.