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YouTube Symphony Performs in Australia
South Africa's Fantastic Drakensberg Boys' Choir Makes US Tour
Cuba Concert Tours for Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra, University of Michigan Men's Glee Club, St. Paul's School String Ensemble & Madrigal Singers and San Francisco Girls Chorus
Yale and Juilliard on Concert tour of Italy
Greater New Orleans Youth Orchestra Visits France
6th Annual Melodia! South American Music Festival Brings One More Year of Glorious Music Making
The Brilliant El Camino Youth Orchestra Tours France and Spain
George Washington University Choir Tours Brazil
Europe Tour for Children's Chorus of Sussex County
The Prestigious 80-Member Yale Glee Club Celebrates 150th Anniversary
Grammy Award-Winning Pacific Boychoir Tours Baltics and Russia
Carnegie Hall Performances for Top Orchestras
University of Maryland Chamber Singers Take Home Three Top Prizes at Florilège Vocal de Tours
The College of William and Mary Makes Music in Greece and Italy
Rhapsody! International Music Festival: Vienna Salzburg & Prague
Morgan State University Sings Through Italy
Yale Alumni Chorus Celebrates Song with Tour through Turkey, Georgia & Armenia
Smith College Alumnae Perform Mozart's Requiem Throughout Sicily
The 1st Annual Serenade! Washington DC Choral Festival Is Off To A Rousing Start!
Ihlombe! South African Music Festival Was A Musical Success
Philadelphia Boys Choir and Chorale Sings in the Western United States
The Washington Chorus Performs in 9/11 Remembrance Concerts
A South Africa and Swaziland Experience for Yale Concert Band
National Symphony Orchestra's Tour of Outreach
Cuba Concert Tours for Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra, University of Michigan Men's Glee Club, St. Paul's School String Ensemble & Madrigal Singers and San Francisco Girls Chorus
Traveling to Cuba requires special permission from the State Department and US Department of the Treasury; however, Classical Movements is extremely familiar with the process and arranged four concerts in 2011!

Harvard-Radcliffe Performs Beethoven 9th in Havana with Top Local Cuban Choir Collaboration and Nonstop Press Coverage

"...A fantastic opportunity to put together people from all around the globe, regardless of background, regardless of language. But they sort of spoke this one common universal language of classical music."
—Radio Cadena Agramonte

University of Michigan Experiences Fantastic Exchanges and Concerts

"Our exchange with [Cuban] students came on our very first day of the tour, and was so exhilarating that my first thought was: How can we possibly top this? Remarkably, we did top it, at least once each day for the rest of the tour. Whether a concert to a sold-out house, a master class with a superb professional, a Rumba lesson, or a magical end-of-tour banquet in an outdoor plaza, Classical Movements saw to it that our tour wildly exceeded all of our expectations."
—Paul Rardin - Former Associate Director of Choirs, University of Michigan

St. Paul's String Ensemble and Madrigal Singers Find Common Ground through Music

"While diplomatic relations between our two countries are distant and strained, our students and the people of Cuba were able to quickly find an incredible commonality through the language of music. My fears of going to a relatively unknown country immediately dissipated when I experienced the warmth and hospitality of our hosts. Thanks to the amazing work of Classical Movements I am proud to know that we were an instrumental part in building a bridge between our two countries."
—Colin Lynch - Former Director of Chapel Music, St. Paul's School

San Francisco Girls Chorus Experiences Cuba

"Our tour to Cuba was wonderful, and a life-changing experience. The entire Chorus felt that the Cuban audiences welcomed us with open arms and appreciated our performances so very much. We also felt honored to be presented at the U.S. Interest Section for a Fourth of July Concert. Your office handled the official documents very well, even though these papers were difficult to obtain. I would certainly recommend Classical Movements to anyone desiring to tour to Cuba."
—Susan McMane - Director, San Francisco Girls Chorus

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