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YouTube Symphony Performs in Australia
South Africa's Fantastic Drakensberg Boys' Choir Makes US Tour
Cuba Concert Tours for Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra, University of Michigan Men's Glee Club, St. Paul's School String Ensemble & Madrigal Singers and San Francisco Girls Chorus
Yale and Juilliard on Concert tour of Italy
Greater New Orleans Youth Orchestra Visits France
6th Annual Melodia! South American Music Festival Brings One More Year of Glorious Music Making
The Brilliant El Camino Youth Orchestra Tours France and Spain
George Washington University Choir Tours Brazil
Europe Tour for Children's Chorus of Sussex County
The Prestigious 80-Member Yale Glee Club Celebrates 150th Anniversary
Grammy Award-Winning Pacific Boychoir Tours Baltics and Russia
Carnegie Hall Performances for Top Orchestras
University of Maryland Chamber Singers Take Home Three Top Prizes at Florilège Vocal de Tours
The College of William and Mary Makes Music in Greece and Italy
Rhapsody! International Music Festival: Vienna Salzburg & Prague
Morgan State University Sings Through Italy
Yale Alumni Chorus Celebrates Song with Tour through Turkey, Georgia & Armenia
Smith College Alumnae Perform Mozart's Requiem Throughout Sicily
The 1st Annual Serenade! Washington DC Choral Festival Is Off To A Rousing Start!
Ihlombe! South African Music Festival Was A Musical Success
Philadelphia Boys Choir and Chorale Sings in the Western United States
The Washington Chorus Performs in 9/11 Remembrance Concerts
A South Africa and Swaziland Experience for Yale Concert Band
National Symphony Orchestra's Tour of Outreach
The College of William and Mary Makes Music in Greece and Italy
Choristers Perform Throughout Ancient Land and Less Traveled Parts of Italy

Collaborations with Local Choirs and Performances in Rome, Ravello, Naples, Bari, Lecce, Pyrgos and Athens

The Choir of the College of William and Mary and The Botetourt Chamber Singers at the Church of Santa Maria della Grazia in Lecce, Italy

The Choir of the College of William and Mary with its Director Dr. James Armstrong and Mary and The Botetourt Chamber Singers performed in ancient Greece during their summer concert tour. Highlights included a concert in Pyrgos where even the Orthodox Assistant Archbishop was in attendance and an impromptu performance held at an ancient amphitheater.

"The tour offered an unparalleled opportunity to see some of the most important sites from both Greek and Roman classical antiquity all in a very short space of time. For those students who had studied about these sites, it was a dream come true and for those who were being introduced to these sites for the first time, it was exciting and wonderfully enriching."
—Dr. James Armstrong - Director, Choir of the College of William and Mary

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